Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today's Workout

I had intended to take it easy for today's workout since yesterday was a tough one with my trainer but I still had a pretty good workout today at lunch...

Weight Circuit

Circuit 1:
15 lb. dumbbell squat snatch x 20 each arm
One leg side squat w/ leg raise and reverse fly x 20 each leg
50 lb bench press x 20
Repeat x 3

Circuit 2:
On core board, punch with dumbbells x 12 both ways
With back leg on core board, lunge and swing medicine ball side to side x 15 both ways
20 lb. Kettlebell swings x 20
Repeat x 3

Circuit 3:
Stability ball hamstring curls x 16 each leg
Med ball side hits x 20
Stability ball reverse crunches x 16
Repeat x 3

More Engagement Pictures =)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Yesterday's Workout - Bodyweight Circuit


Then squat jumps...

Then V-ups...
Start with a set of 20, then 19, then 18, then 17, then 16...until you get to 1 rep of each for time.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all had a very safe and Merry Christmas!!

We actually had a white Christmas in Arkansas, which hasn't happened in about 20 years, so it was beautiful!

I've been playing with the new lens Jeff got me for Christmas!

Christmas pictures of my parents...

Present time! Me posing in my new Prada sunglasses...
And with the box cuz I'm a dork! Peace love and Prada!

Penny could care less about the presents, just give her a bone and she's a happy camper for hours!
Dad, happily opening his new remote control helicopter...always a kid at heart!
Mom loved her new Coach purse! (picked out by meeeeeeeeeeeee!)
Mom and I opening Dad's present to "his girls"...
New tennis rackets!
Watch out Serena!!
Vincent surveying the damage...
Penny wondering what the heck is going on?!
One more surprise gift, new golf bags!

The puppies begging for popcorn...
Still begging...
Sweet girl...
Trying to understand English...
Penny's nose is so long I can't get it in focus with her face!
Penny gets cold and gets under her little blanket!
Vincent the next morning playing in all the freshly fallen snow... "What is all this white stuff again Mom?"

My handsome boy...

"I'm gonna catch you momma!!"
Merry Christmas again...only 1 week till 2010, make it count! =)